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From supporting STEM in high schools and colleges, through R&D work for the government. We help companies provide safe transportation from city to city, or countries, or to the stars. Inventors, Startups and Partners work with us, to connect the dots and make their ideas fly. We work with a broad range of customers in aerospace and other industries. Inventors, through cutting edge startups, to established OEM’s and their supply chains, come to us to solve “the unsolvable” problems, while saving them time and money. Need Help? Click here to contact us


M4 Engineering, Inc. works with inventors, startups, established companies and government agencies to solve “unsolvable” problems, and move their ideas from concepts to prototypes. We also develop software using our expertise in multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) to support our customers, and can help you save time and reduce the costs associated with the design, analysis and optimization of high-performance systems and structures. The complex systems typically found in electric aircraft, eVTOL, Urban Air Mobility, as well as more conventional aircraft and spacecraft present unique challenges that many new and established companies may not have encountered before.? This is where M4 Engineering comes in. We have a broad range of capabilities to complement in-house engineering resources when either specialized knowledge or extra bandwidth is needed.?


Our services and software include: conceptual, detailed and industrial design, analysis and simulation with an emphasis on structures, aerodynamics, flight performance and dynamics, and loads and vibration. We have special experience and software for key technical areas such as weight prediction, rotor dynamics, and vehicle optimization, as well as general design and analysis services and software.


Founded in 2001 by Dr. Myles Baker, M4 Engineering addresses the complicated challenges found in aerospace and mechanical engineering product development and manufacturing processes. M4 has offices in the United States and Germany helping companies connect the dots and make their ideas fly, providing safe transportation from city to suburb, around the world, or to reach for the stars. Please call or email us today to see how we might be able to help you accomplish your goals?

By leveraging our Research and Development SBIR and STTR grants? knowledge we are able to offer our commercial customers world-class consulting expertise and software applications to aid in your product development, advanced research and? development projects. Additionally, our team can create and customize existing new strategic software applications for clients seeking to simplify engineering processes.

? ? We have years of experience helping companies with the broad spectrum of disciplines and physics, including structural mechanics, biomechanics, heat transfer, aerodynamics, trajectory, cost, aeroheating, fluid mechanics, and controls.

"From simple parts to complex systems. We can help."

M4 Engineering is proud to partner with the world’s finest private, government, and global entities, including NASA, US Air Force, Boeing, GE, Triumph,?Uber and many more.

M4 Engineering’s Headquarters are in Long Beach, California, with offices in Virginia and Germany