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M4 is a Siemens Solution Partner with expertise in Siemens Teamcenter PLM software: Teamcenter, Teamcenter Simulation, and Teamcenter Manufacturing. Leverage PLM throughout the product development and manufacturing? processes and explore different design options, materials, and approaches and create the foundation for a digital twin. Don’t wait. Take advantage of PLM and benefit from the software and services we offer to make the process easier and faster. Contact us.


Teamcenter is a modern, highly scalable and industry proven product lifecycle management (PLM) suite which:

  • Connects people and processes across functional disciplines
  • Helps manage the multi-domain development and manufacturing of highly successful products
  • Enables people across an organization to find and work with data efficiently.
  • Allows secure collaboration with 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation, and bill of materials (BOM)

Teamcenter Simulation

Teamcenter Simulation has been specifically designed to help you get control of your simulation data and processes.? Some features include:

  • Helps get control of simulation data, processes to avoid common problems, and poor visibility to simulation results.
  • Manages CAE simulation processes, data, tools, workflows and provides a collaborative environment for model-based systems engineering data
  • Efficiently manages and shares complex simulations with all your decision-makers, ensuring the product will perform as expected

Teamcenter Manufacturing

Teamcenter manufacturing connects people, systems, and machines through manufacturing process planning using a digital thread.? With Teamcenter Manufacturing, you can:

  • Establish a single source of product and process knowledge to re-use best practices and manage resources for continuous improvement
  • Collaborate instantly and securely across the product design and process planning of part production and assembly operations
  • Consistently and accurately connect planning to production, ensuring that the correct manufacturing data is delivered to and accessible from the shop floor

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